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Our Story

Catrina and husband Pastor VIncent

January 12, 2010

Haiti was struck by a catastrophic earthquake. Watching the devastation on TV,

Missions Pastor Vincent Hinds, wept. His heart went out to the people of Haiti and he

prayed to God for the opportunity to go to Haiti to help.


Hearing Pastor Vincent’s prayers, God opened the door for the mission and as God

does, abundantly provided the opportunity for our brothers and sisters, and his wife

Catrina to go with him. God’s vision is always bigger than ours. Helping Hands

Missions, Inc. was incepted in January of 2018.

There were gaps in services to various ministries that our local church provided. Missions Pastor Vincent felt the need to work toward providing those services. Helping Hands stays connected to those Missions in Haiti and Africa and responds with supplies, services, and support. Helping Hands also raises funds to support local charitable organizations in our own community.


The Board of Directors of Helping Hands is seeking to expand our ability to help and support ministries internationally and locally. We also require the ministries and charities that we support to service their communities. All board members are

volunteers. Board members do not receive any salaries or money from the Helping Hands funds. Every cent you donate goes toward supporting our mission goals.


The Helping Hands Mission seeks to minister to the “Whole Man”, spirit, soul, and body. We seek to improve the lives of others through discipleship, training, counseling, and entrepreneurship. It is our hope that you will partner with us in changing the world under God’s direction and guidance, one ministry at a time.


Our Christian mission, in addition to Kingdom building, is to provide short term financial and supply support for those who provide help to communities in need.

Helping Hands has taken on a variety of different mission projects.

We appreciate all donations. If you would like to donate to any of the mission projects below. Please click the "Donate" button next to the project description.  
missionary children

Mail in Donations:

Helping Hands Missions,Inc

20960 Camp Rd.

Bridgeville, DE 10933

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